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Add Ratings to Blog Sites



This web part is an ‘administrative’ level tool used to update a Blog site to a) enable ratings on the post and b) add the User Ratings web part to the site.

By default, Blog sites do not have ratings enabled and while it is possible to enable ratings manually (see the Ratings Web Part description for enabling ratings), the only way a user can ‘rate’ the post is to actually navigate to the Posts library in the site. In most cases, this is impractical as users may not have access to view the library.

This part overcomes this issue by enabling ratings on the Posts library automatically and ‘edits’ the site Post page to add the Ratings Web Part. This enables end users to rate items while viewing the post, a much better method.

To update a site, simply enter the full URL (http included) and click Update Site. It will check to validate that the User Rating Web Part is installed (it will stop the operation and warn you if not found) then update the blog site.

Since the full URL can be specified, this tool will change any blog site even if in another Site Collection providing you have Administrative level permissions in both sites.

If there is any problem with connecting, an error message will be displayed:


If all was successful, you will see a confirmation:

Upon a successful update, if you navigate to the Posts library in the Blog site, you will see that the Rating has been enabled:

In addition, when you view a specific post in the site, you’ll see that the Ratings Web Part has been added to the page (this will apply to all posts):




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